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COMMEAT's Onam Special 03.09.2017
INR 1200
INR 1200 (Save 0%)
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"Come Eat With Us" is their motto. COMMEAT is quite simply a community of people who all share the passion for good food and the need to explore various cuisines in a homely way. They don't care for fancy restaurants and exotic destinations. They're all about cooking with love in the comfort of homes, dining with like minded people at their very own dinner tables. A community that encourages a healthy exchange of cultures through the power of food and home recipes. This time around, with Onam knocking at our door, Ruchira from COMMEAT has an Onam Sadhya planned that you don't want to miss. Sadhya in Malayalam means banquet and is traditionally a vegetarian feast of sorts, served on a banana leaf in Kerala. The food is usually consumed without the use of cutlery and the number of items served often range from 24 to 28 dishes (in a single course). However, up to 64 unique dishes have often been found to have been served during special events like Aranmula Boatrace (Valla Sadhya). Ruchira will be preparing 23 dishes for COMMEATS Onam Sadhya. This are Sambharam (drink), Kerala Matta Rice, Olan, Rasam, Pachadi, Sambar, Aviyal, Parappu Curry, Pumpkin Erissery, Kalan, Kichadi, Kootukari, Cabbage Thoran, Beans Thoran, Inju Puli, Naranga pickle, Plantain chips, Pappadam, Manga Pickle, Paal Payasam, Shakkara Upperi, Prathaman, Banana. So this Onam, you can partake in this exclusive Sadhya for just Rs.1200! Explore More: https://www.delhipedia.com/Home/Category/Event
Will the Best Comedian pl
Will the Best Comedian please “ stand up “ ?
INR 500
INR 500 (Save 0%)
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The most hilarious comedians await your presence, to perform a brilliant stand up performance after searching for the purest talent in the country, and created a line up which will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter.Stand up comedy is a genre which is most interactive between the comedian and the audience, so all the emotions to be felt are in great magnitude with the purpose of making you laugh and as many of you might know, laughing is one of the best forms of therapy. The beauty of stand up comedy lies in the feedback of the audience which is instantly crucial for the comedian’s act. The challenge is to provide a steady stream of laughs, warming up to the crowd and holding their attention through words and expressions. Interesting to know, the origin of the Stand Up comedy dated back to 400 b.c and later wove its way to the music halls in the 18th and 19th centuries. Thursday, 8 Dec 2016 7:30PM
The Theatrical Effect
The Theatrical Effect
INR 100
INR 100 (Save 0%)
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In regard to theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another sense of what it is to be a human being - Oscar Wilde One of Delhi's oldest theatre groups Three Arts Club,is working towards the promotion of art and culture through the medium of music, dance and drama along with many other art forms. Their aim is to promote histrionic skills among the new generation as the tradition and meaning of theatre needs to be preserved. The collaborative form of fine art which uses live performers to offer the experience of an imagined or real event before an audience has a magic of its own and no length of “screens” can replace this natural form of communication. Artistic elements, like the stage craft and painted scenery with the correct lighting are used to enhance the presence, physicality, and immediacy of the experience. The following three plays will be performed: Children of KR Mangalam World School GK-II will stage 'Bharat Ki Gaurav Gatha -Incredible India'. Children from DLF Sahibabad will stage 'Mathemagician'. Children of Pink n Blue Nursery will present 'Maanoge Toh Jaanoge'. Sun, 11 Dec 2016 10:30AM